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Gardner Capital Investments Expertise

We have successfully invested in and syndicated more than $600 million of state housing and historic tax credits, providing more than $350 million in equity.

20-plus-year no-default rate for our Investors
Our No-Loss status is a 20-year record we cherish and work diligently to keep. Even through the housing crash and the Great Recession, we were able to apply our principles and deliver value to our investors.

Our unparalleled track record is due to our obsession with quality, compliance and due diligence in every step of the process. We are proactive at spotting potential issues and resolving them before they ever affect a project. We invest in both people and technology to ensure every project develops as planned, and investors benefit from their investment.

As with any investment, past performance is not a guarantee of future results.

Promising returns at the top end for our Investors
We respect our investors enough to never ask for an additional capital contribution beyond the original agreement. We honor our deals, as written, for all investors. Our expertise in developing means it’s rare that additional funds are ever needed to complete a project, but if and when that happens, we put up those funds, never our investors.

Bridging the Gap Between Investors and Developers
Our depth of experience on both the investor and developer side, as well our principals’ backgrounds in legally representing both parties, gives us tremendous insight into what each side needs and wants out of the deal. We are able to identify areas of conflict and minimize issues.

Gardner Capital frequently acts as mediator between investors and developers to strike deals that are pleasing to both parties. Neither investor nor developer ever feels that they’re negotiating from a weak position, or that terms are being dictated to them. It is in our best interest to provide balanced solutions for both parties.

We know our investors are the lifeblood of our business, and we treat them as such.

Personal and Responsive Service

Everyone at Gardner Capital Investments will be thoroughly familiar with your project, so anyone you contact can answer your questions without passing you off to someone else. When you’re a Gardner Capital investor, you always work with the boss. The principals of the company, including the president, are always happy to take your calls or answer your emails.

Smart & Efficient

We know the LIHTC business from every perspective and can handle the entire transaction in-house. Our vast knowledge and experience in tax credit syndication, investments and development mean we can handle everything from compliance to closing in-house, saving all our partners’ time and money.

Gardner Capital Investments

A mission-based for-profit developer whose goal is to create economic opportunity and catalyze community revitalization through the development of housing and services.


Experienced, on-site management and supervision of construction projects.

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Asset Management

Working with local communities to build top quality low-income housing.

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Private Equity

Meeting our communities’ needs for quality multi-unit housing.

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Meet Our Team

This is your Gardner Capital Investment Team. These are the people who will know your project, answer your questions, and do everything possible to ensure you have an excellent experience with us.