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Developing to Meet Community Needs

Our core principles include providing exceptional service, investing in long-term partnerships, and developing world-class communities. At Gardner Capital, we apply these pillars of our mission to all facets of our business including how we interact with the communities in which we propose developments.

We are committed to including local leadership, neighbors, and city officials in our planning efforts through education and dialogue. Our process includes easily accessible means of communication and forums for receiving meaningful feedback that can be incorporated into our design and programming.

Committed to Long-Term Successful Developments
We have never been in business to “build and sell.” Our business model is to build and hold. We seek lasting partnerships with our investors, lenders and municipalities, and want our developments to stand as a model and testament to our collective work.

100% Success Rate
There are many factors and entities that must work together to build a low-income housing development. Our 20 years of experience, and relentless attention to detail, has earned us a 100% success rate. Every one of our developments was built as promised, and achieved its occupancy goals over the long-term.

No Gardner Capital Development Has Ever Been Foreclosed
Our ability to manage costs, and structure development capital with low debt, has allowed us to avoid financial issues. Our stellar Construction Management Team and Asset Management Team constantly monitor projects under construction and address issues before they become a problem.

Gardner Capital Development and Gardner Capital Investment work together on many projects, but we also develop for third party investors. Our vast experience on both sides of the business makes Gardner a valuable asset for investors. We provide additional services to mitigate risk for investors, including Construction Management, Asset Management and Property Management.

Our depth of experience on both the investor and developer side, as well our background in representing both parties, gives us tremendous insight into what each sides needs and wants out of the deal. We are able to identify areas of conflict and minimize issues.

Gardner Capital frequently acts as mediator between developers and investors to strike deals that are pleasing to both parties. Neither investor nor developer ever feels that they’re negotiating from a weak position, or that terms are being dictated to them. It is in our best interest to provide balanced solutions for both parties.

The result? Our investors and developers often choose to partner again on subsequent deals. Once the relationship is established, future projects are easier to agree upon and are more efficient and effective for both.

Gardner Capital Development

A mission-based for-profit developer whose goal is to create economic opportunity and catalyze community revitalization through the development of housing and services.

Construction Management

Experienced, on-site management and supervision of construction projects.

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Affordable Housing Development

Working with local communities to build top quality low-income housing.

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Market Rate Development

Meeting our communities’ needs for quality multi-unit housing.

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Meet Our Team

This is your Gardner Capital Development Team. These are the people who will know your project, answer your questions, and do everything possible to ensure you have an excellent experience with us.